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Gun Mayhem 4 Game

Gun Mayhem 4 Game

Players looking for gaming fun off the beaten path will fall in love with Gun Mayhem 4. The graphics are seamless with blood splatter and animation that has the characters making crisp turns or jumping. Colors are vivid where the actual play stage and figures engage each other. The background is more pastel and does not move. However, it fits appropriately with the gun theme. Players can focus on the fast moving shooting action.

How to Play Gun Mayhem

There are tons of features that allow changes to the character and guns used. Both changes are easily accessible with the click of a button even during play. The escape key is used to move from the game screen to auxiliary ones that have choices for the types of games that can be played. They include custom, challenge, and even tutorial for the Gun Mayhem 3 newbie. The other essential keys are the letters A and Z that allow the weapons to be shot. There is no real aiming mechanism. However, as long as players are on the same row of the enemy, they will hit the target. The arrows on the keyboard are needed to move or jump.

Gun Mayhem For Maximum Fun

To prevent boredom, players will surely take advantage of manipulating the lock of the main character. This will include a different hat, clothing and even the character’s color. The sounds include music that is its own genre. The gunshots can be heard as single shot or rapid fire depending on the weapon. Points for each successful hit, when the players have killed their target, or been killed by the enemy display as pop-ups that float away. Gun Mayhem 2 is an installment with five other versions. Each has the same variety of attention grabbing activity with scenic fight scenes being the only difference. For shooter game enthusiast, this game will be on their top ten lists.

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